Orchestral Maneuvers

Creative Strategies for Orchestras, Small Groups and Individuals. In Practice and Performance, Motion and Repose.

“Sandra Bain Cushman, Director of Alexander Technique on Guitar Craft and Guitar Circle courses, has developed a field for creative action in Orchestral Maneuvers.

OM offers a simple, straightforward and accessible method of developing presence, coordination and attention for the individual musician, the musician and their instrument, musicians and their instruments, within a group or orchestra; and for the group and orchestra as a whole.

Orchestral Maneuvers is available to all – musicians and non-musicians alike – seeking to expand and explore their creative life and work.  

Sandra has worked with performers for 25 years on the finer points of attention, expression, balance and breath.  OM is an outcome of Sandra’s own long practice, experience and creative insight. It’s also a lot of fun.”

Robert Fripp
Saturday 18th. January, 2014; Casa Stella Maris, Caorle, Italy.

“Orchestral Maneuvers embraces and moves within The Guitar Circle, and goes to places and people The Guitar Circle does not.”

Robert Fripp
Monday 9th. February, 2015; Quinta Tonantzin Retreat House, Tepoztlán, México.

“OM gives us practice thinking on our feet. As individuals. As individuals within a group. As a group within a larger group.

OM aims to improve the functioning of the individual, in order that the individual may act with greater capacity within the group.”

Sandra Bain Cushman
Founder of Orchestral Maneuvers


Orchestral Maneuvers Borgonyà (Spain) 

followed by Music in Silence Retreat

16-22 March, 2017









7 April – 16 May, 2017


Orchestral Maneuvers Lunlunta 

followed by Music in Silence Retreat

16-25 October, 2017