We begin again

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23rd January 

We begin again!


Posts will be TWICE-WEEKLY
on Tuesdays and Fridays

We will be joined by over 80 people, most of whom are college students and have signed up for:


Attentive Tuesdays
& Freed-up Fridays


  • some of the days will be a review of what we’ve already done
  • some will be new
  • Attentive Tuesdays and Freed-up Fridays will go through April-early May
  • there will be a completion point available @ the end of February for those who want to complete at that time



WAIT for it and continue working


and read K.’s response:

I was overwhelmed with this condensed version
of the five relations. It is simple but it’s not easy!

For instance, making a circle on you sit bones
with eyes closed, then doing the same with eyes open.

Now that I have related to the practice and noticed and changed and worked, it has all become clearer.

Fun and exciting! Thank you!