The Assumption

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THE ASSUMPTION of our work together:

There are subtle and supportive patterns available within the body and we are simply a little too rushed, a little too pushy with ourselves, a little less informed than we might about these to fully appreciate them.

Which means that we need to work on ourselves in order to reveal and strengthen the coordination which unifes, animates, supports, calms and directs us.

The Alexander Technique aims to recalibrate and restore the suspensory nature of our natural coordination.  Light, open, spacious and free are innate characteristics of the human mechanism easily observable in the young child, decidedly recoverable in the young adult, and available to persons of any age who are willing (and able) to moderate excessive tensions and pressures in the body and in the mind.

Sandra Bain Cushman

Charlottesvillle, Virginia

22 January, 2018