Orchestral Maneuvers At-A-Distance Course

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January 20 – February 28, 2016

This 40-Day online course will present and further develop ideas, exercises and experiences of OM courses, like Orchestral Maneuvers for The Guitar Circle I in Lunlunta, Argentina and Técnica Alexander para músicos, oradores, bailarines y todo el mundo in Santiago de Chile, both held in October, 2015.


This invitation to the Orchestral Maneuvers At-A-Distance course is addressed to the Guitar Circle and OM community, and to interested musicians and non-musicians who wish to up their game in terms of personal practice and performance.


In Orchestral Maneuvers we are exploring new and playful ways to enrich our relationship with ourselves, with others, with music andfor guitaristswith the guitar.


Sandra Bain Cushman will oversee this course and present ways to move, walk, and play effortlessly, based on work with Dynamic Balance & the Five Relations.A ten-minute sitting sequence will be introduced at the beginning of the course to those who do not have an established morning sitting
practice, and it is suggested that this be practiced throughout the 40-day period.


Frank Sheldon will present Keynotes (related topics and themes that help us along).


Martin Schwutke and Andres Ceccarelli will present material related with the guitar, repertoire, and rhythm.


Jacqueline Binder and Sandra Bain Cushman will explore the roles of voice, breath, movement and play.


Mariana Scaravilli, All-Around Assistant, will be Everywhere at Once.


There will be Guest Instructor Presentations as we go along.


For a taste of what Orchestral Maneuvers offers, visit https://vimeo.com/145320164


This AAD-Course will complete together with the OCG XII on February 28th. It provides a fine preparation for OCG XII in Mexico and OCG XIII in Detroit, USA, both led by Robert Fripp. (This for those who have had an introductory course with Robert, or who have been recommended by an instructor.)


To apply please send an email to Mariana Scaravilli at office@orchestralmaneuvers.com
Fees: USD 100 / EUR 100,  50% discount for Latin America and Eastern Europe.

We develop a relationship with the body on the inside, by directing the attention.
In this sense, Orchestral Maneuvers addresses the Guitar Circle practice of The Guitarist Inside.
(Robert Fripp)


The Eye Of The Needle has been repeatedly presented by Robert as the principal musical piece where The Guitarist Inside is practiced and applied.


We present this Third Guitar Craft Theme as the main piece of practice and performance for this At-A-Distance-Course.


The presentation will address the needs and capabilities of all: Beginners; Intermediate and Advanced players. 


We will look into aspects of Calisthenics, Fingering, Harmony, Form, Counting, learning unknown parts, Musical Flow… to move towards exercises for the Guitarist Inside, per se.


Where lie the riches that elude us in our normal” and habitual way of playing this piece?


One Aim is that we play The Eye Of The Needle at the OCG Performances in Mexico superbly, while being closely connected at-a-distance with those not physically present.


We are looking forward to sharing this journey with you.


Andrés and Martin.