Orchestral Maneuvers At-A-Distance II

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September 13th to October 22nd, 2016. Worldwide.

In Orchestral Maneuvers we are exploring new and playful ways to enrich our relationship with ourselves, with others, with music and—for guitarists—with the guitar.

This 40-Day online course will present work on Keynotes, Five Relations Triads, Performance Challenge, Improvisation, Guitar, Yoga and, who knows what else?

This invitation to the Orchestral Maneuvers At-A-Distance II course is addressed to the Guitar Circle and OM community, and to interested musicians and non-musicians who wish to up their game in terms of personal practice and performance. A requirement to participate is to have experience on the OM or GC contexts, or be recommended by anyone on the course staff. If the latter is your case, please email us informing who recommends your participation.

The course is designed so that participants can direct their energy, time, and attention into whatever areas they chose. This means that in this course, you can take part on what works best for you, and it is not necessary to take part in all that is offered equally.

Sandra Bain Cushman will present The Five Relations Triads/Secondaries: Balance, Span, Integration, Animation, Poise and Differentiation.

Frank Sheldon will present Keynotes (related topics and themes that help us along).

Martin Schwutke will present yoga and guitar work.

Andres Ceccarelli will present guitar work, focused on calisthenics.

Jacqueline Binder will present work on improvisation.

Mariana Scaravilli, All-Around Assistant, will be Everywhere at Once.

Carola Tocornal and Philipp Quaet-Faslem join the OM AAD Team this round!

The OM Vox Team will appear and share specific approaches to the newly-minted vocal score for Eye of the Needle.

This AAD-Course will complete on October 22nd together with the Symphony Of Crafty Guitarists II project directed by Robert Fripp and, it provides a fine preparation it.

To apply please send an email to Mariana Scaravilli at office@orchestralmaneuvers.com

Fees: USD 100 / EUR 100,  50% discount for Latin America and Eastern Europe.

“In the OM AAD for me it was very clear that there are a bunch of options; there are also quite different areas. You can dig deeper into the AT realm, or the improvisation, or the guitar part, and it was easy for me to choose and to say, ‘OK, I’m going to do this one now, maybe guitar is not the main focus for me on this course…’ This felt very free for me..I actually, for example, took a lot of the material for the guitar and worked on it afterwards…I like that very much: depending on your main focus at the moment there are so many things that are appealing in this bundle.”

Philipp Quaet-Faslem
Alexander Technique Trainee