OM Borgonyà

March 16-22, 2017. Borgonyà, Catalunya, Spain 

Sandra Bain Cushman, Jacqueline Binder, Andrés Ceccarelli, Mariana Scaravilli

Arrivals: March 16, early afternoon.
Departures: March 22, morning.

This project is open to those who wish to attend and who wish to deepen their personal practice through exploration of Life in the Body.

OM Borgonyà will give us a long moment to Pause, to connect to what is Higher in us, knowing that what is Higher in us is close to what is Higher.

We will explore a question that keeps Orchestral Maneuvers in motion:

How do we develop the Attention and Presence necessary for our work with others?

And the question-after-the-question:

How do we work with others? Specifically in the Circle?

Everyone is welcome to apply. Work with Circulations (rhythm, voice, guitar, other instruments), Body Beat, Games and other Work in the Circle will be explored using primary and secondary exercises based in The Five Relations.

Work in the House and Kitchen will be an integral part of the project for all participants.

Instructors will be available for personal meetings and small group work.

The whole Team will be available for Circle work, personal meetings, explorations of Personal Practice, Practice and Performance.

Practice is a process of uniting the world of qualities and the world of existences, of blending the world of Silence and the world of sound. In this sense, practice is a way of transformation.”  ~Robert Fripp

OM Borgonyà offers a fine preparation for the Music in Silence Practice Retreat  immediately following.

To apply for the project please email your application letter focusing on the following questions:

Who are you?
Why do you wish to attend?
What is your Aim?

Application Letters and/or further information: Sebastián Gomez at

Contribution to the project: 550 Euros

Discounts available if needed.