Seattle, Washington
August 18-21, 2016

Arrivals  Thursday, August 18 in the afternoon
Departures Sunday, August 21 before lunch

Can you hear EOTN as a Vocal Piece?  Some people can…and are creating a score to sing together the weekend of 18-21 August, 2016.

This Orchestral Maneuvers project will help us develop our attention, breathing coordination, and tensegrity skills (the Five Relations breathing coordination triads), and also help us engage “what is at the end of our breath,” the Voice. All while approaching this creative challenge:

Finding and developing the vocal part for Eye of the Needle.

How will this work?

We don’t know! Let’s find out!

There is also room on this course for non-singers wishing to deepen their understanding of the Five Relations triads and specifically breathing coordination. Work in the House and Kitchen will be part of the course.

For more information and to register please contact: