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Robert Fripp
Guitar Craft Founder & Patron of Orchestral Maneuvers

Robert is the founder of Guitar Craft seminars (March 25th, 1985), which became Guitar Circles of North America, South America, and Europe in 2010. Robert continues to direct the Orchestra of Crafty Guitarists and the Symphony of Crafty Guitarists; the projects for 2016 include the Orchestra of Crafty Guitarists XII in Mexico City in March , the Chamber Orchestra of Crafty Guitarists Mid-West Tour and the Orchestra of Crafty Guitarists XIII in Detroit, MI in June, and the Symphony of Crafty Guitarists II performance in Cordoba, Argentina in October of 2016.

King Crimson’s Euro-touring is underway in Autumn of 2016.

Sandra Bain Cushman
Founder of Orchestral Maneuvers

Sandra received her Alexander Technique training from Frank Sheldon—hence within the lines of work of the Guitar Craft School—from 1987-1990.  As Director of the Alexander Technique for the Guitar Circle of North America, Sandra has developed a continuing line of work in Orchestral Maneuvers.

OM brings the principles of the Guitar Circle and the principles of the Alexander Technique together for musicians and those wanting to have as much fun as musicians. Sandra’s advanced training with Jessica Wolf in the Art of Breathing enlivens her application of the Five Relations, the practical basis of OM work. The Five Relations offer a dynamic approach to mind-body coordination and creative endeavor.

Sandra’s book, Mind Body 40 Days, is available on her website. She presents workshops for the general public as well as the GC Community in North America, South America and Europe.

Sandra lives with her husband, Stephen Cushman, poet and scholar, in Charlottesville, Virginia.