Jacqueline Binder

Jacqueline has been a member of the Guitar Craft/Guitar Circle school since 1990 and moved to Seattle in 1997 to participate in the Seattle Guitar Circle.  She has since been co-producer of Tuning the Air, co-founder of The Seattle Circle Guitar School for children, and director of the Guitar Circle Children’s Project.  She has also been a long time member of the North American Federation of Guitar Circles.  Jacqueline is a certified elementary school teacher and is currently working as a Reading Specialist with Seattle Public Schools.


Sebastián Gómez

Sebastian’s attraction to music and personal work goes back a long way. He began with Guitar Craft in 1998, where he was a student on several courses including a 10-week residential in 2003.  He has been part of the League of Crafty Guitarists, The Orchestra of Crafty Guitarists and several Guitar Circles and ensembles.

His interest in how the body works and its challenges was a trigger to become available to organize and coordinate the first Orchestral Maneuvers course in 2014 in Santiago. Since then he has an ongoing commitment with OM.

In his professional life he works as a Broadcast Engineer in Chilevisión at Santiago, Chile (part of Turner International), with a degree in Audio Engineering at Universidad de Chile. He also holds a Master’s degree in Business in the same college.


Mariana Scaravilli —OM Supporter

Mariana was born in Rosario, Argentina in 1979. At age 4 she began playing the Glockenspiel and performed for the first time with an ensemble. Later, still being a child, she began learning the guitar, and has continued learning and performing with ensambles and diverse rock groups since.
In 2000 she attended a Guitar Craft course and stayed engaged since. There, the power of Silence made a deep impact in her life.
She has been a member of The Orchestra Of Crafty Guitarists since its beginning. In The OCG she has found much inspiration and encouragement to explore and to connect with the creative future.  Also, where she met Sandra Bain Cushman and Orchestral Maneuvers.

Kim Cary


Frank M Sheldon

After graduating from Clark University, Frank attended the first course at Sherborne under the direction of J. G. Bennett in 1971. He trained as an Alexander Teacher in London from 1975 to 1978 and was the first director of The Virginia School for Alexander Technique.
For over twenty-five years, he presented the Alexander Technique on Guitar Craft courses throughout the world. This included several years of part-time residence in a Guitar Craft-related facility near Berlin after his move there in 1992.
In 1994, at a GC course in Claymont, Frank presented his vision of the “Location Based Performing Team,” which led to his move to Seattle in 1997. In working with groups and people in Seattle, he acted as performance coach and visionary. The original vision grew through several configurations into the performance project Tuning the Air, which he co-produced with Curt Golden and Jaxie Binder.
His work with Guitar Craft gradually evolved into Keynotes, a series of online courses that became the basis of his current relationship with Guitar Circles and OM.
Frank is the author of FAR FROM THE SEA WE KNOW and THE FIELD OF STONES. He has a new work of fiction coming out this fall entitled, THE COPPER FOREST. Frank’s nonfiction work includes extensive writing for Guitar Circle-related Keynote and At-A-Distance courses. His current direction in these projects is centered on the value of bearing witness to our own experience, without judgment, just as it is.


Carola Tocornal

Carola is from Chile. She is a psychologist and a singer, and has taken postgraduate study in Bioenergetic Analysis-therapy, which relates the psychological self & the body. She has for a long time been related to the Fourth Way and teaches Enneagram personality typology workshops.

The relationship with music and the Work took Carola to Guitar Craft in the 90’s, and from then onwards she has been linked to GC. This is how Carola met Sandra Bain Cushman, her work, and OM, while helping to bring Sandra to Chile in May, 2015.

Carola directed a Therapy Center for 25 years, bringing together art, body and therapy. She also developed personal development programs for the young. Currently she dedicates herself to her private consultations, both with individuals and groups.


Philipp Quaet-Faslem

Philipp was born in Germany in 1971. He is a psychologist, user experience designer, guitar player, coach, and teacher of the F. M. Alexander Technique. Philipp has been involved in Guitar Craft and the Guitar Circle since 1996. He currently lives in Munich with his wife Pia and his 11-year-old son.